Willie Bain MP


scot economyWilliam Bain MP criticized The Chancellors last budget of this parliament for failing to meet the needs of the Scottish economy on innovation, jobs, growth or wages.

Commenting, William Bain MP said:

According to the Fraser of Allander Institute’s most recent commentary on the Scottish economy, full-time employment is more than 4% below its pre-recession peak and the total numbers of hours worked in Scotland is still lower than it was before the recession. On this day, when unemployment has gone up in my constituency and risen across Scotland by 6,000, this Government should have had more measures in their Budget to deal with that.

However, Mr. Bain went on to highlight that, in the upcoming election, Labour offered an alternative for Scotland and the UK.

Labour has a different and a better plan. It is one that does not jeopardize investment in infrastructure. If we balance the current budget in the next Parliament, then, as the National Institute of Economic and Social Research has said, we would have more growth, more jobs and faster rises in wages—a better plan for Britain. We should have had a Budget that raised the minimum wage to beyond £8 an hour. We should have taken steps to encourage the living wage to be paid to as many people as possible in this country. We should have had a higher rate of income tax for those earning more than £150,000 a year. We should have had the opportunity to begin the job of change, but change is coming. A Labour Government are coming, and I believe that the British people will begin that job of change by voting, in just seven weeks’ time, for a Labour Government and for a more equal and prosperous society.

The UK general election takes place on May 7th.  William bain MP is Labour candidate for Glasgow North East.

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