Willie Bain MP


uk economyOn 4th March William Bain MP slammed the Conservative-led Government for their string of broken promises to the British people on the UK economy.

Commenting, William Bain said:

The Conservatives have nearly doubled the debt, they have completely broken their promise on the deficit, they have stripped growth out of the economy for the first three years, and have been the worst Government for 140 years on wages and living standards. Yet, they deceitfully asking the British public to elect them for a second term based on a distortion of their economic record. Labour stand for something different: positive polices, a vision of how the economy can be different, a vision of how to get more people into work, in decent, good paying jobs; of skills, investment, high exports – that is Labour’s Britain.

This week, the Institute for Fiscal Studies reported that, under the Conservatives, this has been the slowest recovery in living standards in history

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