Anne McTaggart MSP

National Transplant Week 2015

Motion S4M-14040: Anne McTaggart, Glasgow, Scottish Labour, Date Lodged: 25/08/2015

That the Parliament notes that National Transplant Week 2015 is being held between 7 and 13 September; recognises that the campaign aims to increase the number of blood and organ donors in the UK; understands that the theme of this year’s awareness campaign is “7 days to say I do”, which aims to highlight the importance of encouraging people to discuss their decision about organ donation with those closest to them; believes that the latest figures from NHS Blood and Transplant show that 534 people were on the transplant waiting list in Scotland as at 30 June 2015; notes with concern that the number of patients successfully receiving organ transplants in Scotland fell by 11% to 378 in the 12 months up to March 2015, with the number of donors in Scotland falling from 106 to 98 in the same period; understands that family refusal rates increased by nearly 8% from 38.6% to 46.1%, a larger increase than the UK average of 1%, and considers that National Transplant Week plays an important role in raising awareness of the need to address the shortage of available organs for transplant in the UK.

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