Anas Sarwar MSP

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IMPORTANT: It is completely unacceptable that the maternity unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital was shut on Thursday due to a lack of capacity. It has been confirmed that 3 women in labour were turned away and redirected to other hospitals and that 2 women scheduled for inducements were sent home. Given the existing pressures, it is inconceivable that the Scottish Health Secretary plans to close the maternity units at the Vale of Leven and Inverclyde Royal Hospital and redirect many of those patients to the Queen Elizabeth. I have written to Shona Robison begging her to please please reconsider.

My wife Furheen was blessed to have had the kind care of the dedicated midwives at the Queen Elizabeth in May for our son, Aliyan. I don’t think it is fair to pile even more pressure on them. They do an amazing job with limited resources and we can’t thank them enough.

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